The best Smooth Jazz
of the world in Madrid!
smooth hot jazz festival 2018


Come to Madrid and watch the best music on earth. This is not just another Festival, this is real Smooth Jazz, a colorful, vibrant, harmonic and rhythmical music. Come to have a good time with some of the best world specialists. At the same time, enjoy all the other great things Madrid has to offer: spectacular sightseeing, amazing food, great shopping and above all, friendly people!

Shortly we will be revealing the international lineup for this years very special second edition of Smooth Hot Jazz Festival.

This variation of traditional Jazz is recognized for its display of great harmonic lines and a lesser degree of improvisation. Some music critics consider that this genre of music was created by artists searching for a deeper Pop sound, merging it at the same time with the roots of the American Soul and Funky music.

Experts place the birth of Smooth Jazz halfway through the 70’s, but its real peak took place during the 80’s. Relevant pioneers of this type of music have been George Benson (reconverted after some albums of traditional Jazz), Grover Washington Jr., Kenny G., Larry Carlton, Al Jarreau (RIP), Herb Alpert, Chuck Mangione, Gato Barbieri (RIP), Dave Koz and many more.

If you like good music, if you are an enthusiast of Jazz, Soul, Pop and Funky, you can’t miss this opportunity of watching some of the best Smooth Jazz musicians of the world playing live. The melodic and vibrant styles will make you shiver in your seats.


The adjective Smooth has a few synonyms in English, but probably the best we could find is “mellow”. Smooth Jazz is a mellow genre, a kind of music gratifying to the ears, easy to remember thanks to its brilliant and harmonic melodies. The dominant instrument is usually the Saxophone, always playing along with classics as guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and percussion. Trumpet is also present in many recordings.





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